Caitlyn profile

Caitlyn is an international facilitator, coach, writer and speaker who is dedicated to freedom, authenticity and empowerment.

What holds us back from feeling free, authentically expressed and at ease? How can we have thriving relationships with ourselves, with each other, our art, projects, and world? In our day and age, how do we get out of our head and into our body?

Caitlyn uses her work in visual and performance art, mindful-shamanic sexuality and other sense-based healing modalities to explore this and take people on experiential and healing journeys to get free.

She offers online private sessions, experiential events and workshopsonline resources and a podcast.

Caitlyn helps people to feel more confident and self-loving | Heal the mind/body split and build presence | Overcome guilt, fear and shame about their body and sexuality | Become more easefully assertive | Let go of repeating patterns that don’t serve | Build vitality and wellbeing in the body | Find effortless spontaneity and creativity | Heal sexual wounding and trauma | Build pleasure potential.

For much of her twenties, Caitlyn suffered from clinical depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. She found mindfulness and shamanic sacred sexuality and looooves what it continues to unlock for her—body confidence, trust, pleasure, aliveness, authenticity, possibilities.

With a background in Human Centred Design, academia and fine arts, Caitlyn has a playful, no-BS, and accessible way of teaching mindful embodiment, shamanic sexuality and personal development. She celebrates the power of the body and vulnerability and sees this as the place for healing, connection, and empowered living.

She currently resides in Thailand and frequents Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other international destinations to teach and go on adventures. She loves adventure. And cats. And cheese. And warm breezes.

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To work with Caitlyn, contact her to book a private online session or discuss speaking/facilitation, or attend her workshops.


Apprenticeship with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), 2016-date

Taught ISTA level 1 (South Africa), 2017

Completed ISTA Practitioner Training (Byron Bay), 2017

Completed ISTA level 1 (Melbourne (twice), Brazil, New Zealand), 2014-2017

Completed ISTA level 2 (Byron Bay, Thailand), 2016-2018

Completing ISTA level 3 (Turkey), 2018

Completed Reiki level 1 (Om Reiki, Melbourne), 2018

Completing Mantak Chia Level 1 (Thailand), 2018

Completing Mantak Chia Level 2 (Thailand), 2018


Chantelle Raven (founder of Eliyah Tantra School, Perth and Global), 2016-date

Baba Dez Nichols (founder of ISTA and lead facilitator, Global), 2015-date

Komala Lyra (ISTA lead facilitator, Global), 2017-date

Araminta Barbour (ISTA lead facilitator, Global), 2017-date


Bachelor of Arts (Auckland University, Auckland)

Bachelor of Science (Auckland University, Auckland)

Bachelor of Science, Hons. (Victoria University, Wellington)

Post Graduate Certificate in Fine Arts (Victorian College of Art, Melbourne)