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Caitlyn Cook is a South African-New Zealand multidisciplinary artist, international facilitator, coach, writer and speaker. Caitlyn’s work centres embodiedness and explores themes of freedom, authenticity, intimacy, desire, trust, affect, vulnerability, power, enchantment and spirituality.

She works across experience, performance, digital, video and installation media. Her work is largely participatory, including 1:1 and group engagements. She commonly uses Skype, email, and Instagram stories as her media.

Experiencing her work, YOU become the art and experience the art in YOUR body. Experiencing this work, YOU are transformed.

Caitlyn’s work is very intimate and invites you into her own life, her own experience. For 12 years, Caitlyn experienced clinical depression and anxiety, disordered eating. Her journey to get free is what informs her practice. Her influences are broad, including shamanism and sexual alchemy, acting, psychodrama, mindfulness, the senses, movement, her mother (the female David Bowie) and ritual.

Participate in a 1:1 session, digitally or in person.

Participate in a group work, digitally or in person.

Participate digitally, via Instagram.

Participate digitally, via email.

Caitlyn has had group shows and performances at Darwin Visual Arts Association (2015), Month Of Performance Art-Berlin (2015), George Paton Gallery (2015), Victorian College of Arts (2014), Remedy Performance (Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 2014) and Signal Live Arts Festival (Melbourne University, 2014). Caitlyn’ has presented her group and 1:1 works in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (2016-to date).

Trained in screen-acting, Caitlyn also completed a Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, and a BA/BSc and BSc (Hons.) in New Zealand. Caitlyn also worked professionally as an Experience Designer and taught Design Thinking and Human Centred Design.

Completing training and apprenticeship, Caitlyn now teaches with the International School of Temple Arts in sacred sexual shamanism and sexual alchemy.

Caitlyn was born in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand. She currently resides in Thailand and presents her work in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. She loves adventure. And cats. And cheese. And warm breezes.

To book Caitlyn for an experience, 1:1 or group work, writing, or speaking, contact her.


Apprenticeship with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), 2016-2018

Taught ISTA level 1 (South Africa), 2017

Completed ISTA Practitioner Training (Byron Bay), 2017

Completed ISTA level 1 (Melbourne (twice), Brazil, New Zealand), 2014-2017

Completed ISTA level 2 (Byron Bay, Thailand), 2016-2018

Completing ISTA level 3 (Turkey), 2018

Completed Reiki level 1 (Om Reiki, Melbourne), 2018

Completed Taoist Inner Alchemy with Mantak Chia Level 1 (Thailand), 2018

Completed Taoist Sexual Alchmey with Mantak Chia Level 2 (Thailand), 2018


Chantelle Raven (founder of Eliyah Tantra School, Perth and Global), 2016-date

Baba Dez Nichols (founder of ISTA and lead facilitator, Global), 2015-date

Komala Lyra (ISTA lead facilitator, Global), 2017-date

Araminta Barbour (ISTA lead facilitator, Global), 2017-date


Bachelor of Arts (Auckland University, Auckland), 2006-2010

Bachelor of Science (Auckland University, Auckland), 2006-2010

Bachelor of Science, Hons. (Victoria University, Wellington), 2012

Post Graduate Certificate in Fine Arts (Victorian College of Art, Melbourne), 2014