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I am from here (2018), performance.

Emobiment coaching + shamanic healing

Book in for embodiment, mindful sexuality and shamanic healing 1:1 coaching — in person or online.

I am still reeling slash glowing slash amazed slash raw from the 1:1 work with Caitlyn. It was amazing, Easily one of my top five experiences in my life. I’m feeling strong in this mixture of absolute vulnerability and shitting myself and excited and grateful to be getting in touch with this power. I have just scratched the surface.
— Sam, Music producer, Melbourne

Experience Design

Using her expertise in embodiment, Design Thinking and Human Centred Design, Caitlyn offers event-based Experience Design for brands who are interested areas of wellbeing, human connection, communication, playfulness, expression or social change. These brands want to elevate the experience of their brand, the way they promote and connect with their audience.