Discover how to feel more

alive in your body, bedroom, and life.

Find freedom from unhelpful mental looping, depression, or anxiety.

Bloom: let go of the things that keep you tight and contracted.

Find more ease, spark, connection and confidence in your relationships and intimacy.

Remember what it’s like to be a kid again: open, playful and joy-full.

Come back to spirituality as ecstasy.

Hey, I’m Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Cook

I’m a mindful sexuality and shamanic healing coach, facilitator, writer, and artist.

I used to be a chronic perfectionist with performance anxiety. Existence began to suck and clinical anxiety, depression, disordered eating and mega intimacy hangups ensued…

My journey to freedom and wow-cool-life-can-be-like-THIS?! is what led me to do this work, make this art, talk to you now.

With mindful sexuality and shamanic healing, I can be your catalyst for finding freedom, trust, joy and ease.

A free self-pleasure meditation to help you bloom.

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What is mindful sexuality and Shamanic healing?

Mindfulness is…

Art by Eylul Aslan

Art by Eylul Aslan

…Being present and not so in your head.
…Having non-judgmental curiosity with your experience.
…Compassion and gentleness: being your own lover and friend.

We bring this to our LIFE — body image and confidence, intimacy, big emotions and mental health struggles, relationships. This work is also inspired by Tantra, which sees everything, including sexuality, as a healing path.

Shamanic healing is…

Not just a ‘talk’ therapy—it’s embodied. Our mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual elements are engaged and therefore healing. Whole-human healing. Many other therapies miss this and it's what underpins lasting transformation. It's also more fun.

The shamanic practices can include breath and sense-based meditation, movement, breath, sound, visualisations, emotional detoxing, shamanic journeying and shamanic methods.



Deepen your self-Love, spacious mind, joy-full embodiment, and mindful sexuality in a 1:1 coaching session — in person or online. Find out more here.

I got exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been to many therapists but they never got me, physically, mentally, spirituality. Caitlyn’s combination of techniques tapped into my inner chords. I discovered things hidden behind layers of guilt, grief, worries, self-destruction... and in the end, I felt pure, calm, and so excited to love myself again.
— Sam, 34, Filmmaker, USA
Impervious Intimacy  (2018), performance at  Performance Art Week Aotearoa .

Impervious Intimacy (2018), performance at Performance Art Week Aotearoa.

Build self-love + confidence with this FREE self-pleasure meditation

This simple GAME CHANGER practice will transform your self-worth, body-confidence, intimacy, and anxiety.

I use this practice every day and recommend it to all my clients.

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