Impervious Intimacy  (2018), performance at  Performance Art Week Aotearoa .

Impervious Intimacy (2018), performance at Performance Art Week Aotearoa.

Self-love, mindful sexuality + shamanic healing

Deepen your self-Love, joy-full embodiment, and mindful sexuality in a 1:1 coaching session — in person or online.

I got exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been to many therapists but they never got me, physically, mentally, spirituality. Caitlyn’s combination of techniques tapped into my inner chords. I discovered things hidden behind layers of guilt, grief, worries, self-destruction... and in the end, I felt pure, calm, and so excited to love myself again.
— Sam, 34, Filmmaker, USA

Experience Design

Using her expertise in embodiment, Design Thinking and Human Centred Design, Caitlyn offers event-based Experience Design for brands who are interested areas of wellbeing, human connection, communication, playfulness, expression or social change. These brands want to elevate the experience of their brand, the way they promote and connect with their audience, and their impact on the planet.