Build self-love + confidence with this FREE self-pleasure meditation

This simple GAME CHANGER practice will transform your self-worth, body-confidence, intimacy, and anxiety.

I use this practice every day and recommend it to all my clients.

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What you can get out of this meditation:

  • Learn to give love and tenderness to yourself in practical ways (not just to everyone else)

  • Upgrade your lovemaking

  • Experience yourself without judgment, expectation or goal focus

  • Get out of your head and into your body, letting the senses guide

  • Develop body appreciation and self-love

  • Stop your looping mind and become present

  • Discover your authentic, carefree expression (not performing!)

  • Open to possibility, connection, and Love

  • Find healing and release

  • Experience erotics as meditation and connection with Cosmos

Art by Eylul Aslan

Art by Eylul Aslan

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